Services Top 100: The World’s Largest IT Services Companies (2009)

23 February 2010, by Balder Verberne

Leading Companies in the Services Industry
Rank Company Services
revenues (mln)
1 IBM 39,264
2 HP 27,745
3 Fujitsu 27,102
4 CSC 16,680
5 Accenture 15,985
6 Northrop Grumman 12,454
7 Hitachi 12,318
8 CAP Gemini 11,154
9 NTT Data Corp. 10,498
10 NEC 9,103
The biggest IT services companies in the world are IBM, HP and Fujitsu. Together they generate $94.1 billion revenues from IT services. HP grew its services revenues by 45% as a result of the acquisition of EDS, going from 19.1 billion to 27.7 billion US dollars. The HP-EDS deal pushed Fujitsu to third place, with IT services revenues of 27.1 billion. Even though HP can call itself the largest IT company in the world, a title held by IBM almost since the inception of the IT industry until last year, HPs revenues are more towards hardware sales than IT services; hence IBM Global Services is still the leading IT services firm, with a lead of over $10 billion over HP.

Unhampered growth

Despite adverse economic circumstances, the Top 100 IT services companies grew their revenues by a healthy 13% on average. This figure includes both organic and acquisitive growth. Together they generated $445 billion, up from $407 billion in the previous year. Total employee headcount is around 4.5 million, of which 10% is on the account of companies that are headquartered in India.
Further illustrating the size of the IT services industry, a staggering number of 91 companies in the Top 100 have revenue figures higher than 1 billion. Microsoft, the world’s largest software company according to the Software Top 100, ranks 19th on the IT services list, with services revenues of $6.5 billion.

IT Services companies: country segmentation
Country Companies
United States 56
India 7
Japan 6
United Kingdom 6
China 5
Rest 20

Telecom companies

Communication services, such as provided by telecom operators, are not included in this IT services ranking; several telecom operators are nevertheless positioned prominently on the list, as many telecom operators have significant IT services divisions. NTT Data corporation, number 9 on the list, is part of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT), the Japanese telco giant. BT Global Services (number 12)  is part of British Telecom, the main operator in the UK. T-systems (number 14) is part of Deutsche Telekom, the largest German operator.
In addition to the telco operators on the list, there are many telco suppliers, generating substantial IT revenues from work done for the telco operators. Ericsson, the world’s largest telco supplier, ranks 11th in the IT Services Top 100 with almost 9 billion dollars of IT services revenues. Competitor Nokia Siemens Networks follows a few positions lower on the list (17th position, $7.1 billion revenues).

Country segmentation

Most IT services companies in the Top 100 are based in the United States (56). The US are followed at a distance by India, (7 companies), Japan (6 companies), and the UK (6 companies). The European share of companies in the Top 100 is 22%; Asia delivers 18%. The African continent is represented by one very sizable company: Dimension Data from South Africa (revenues $3.8 billion).

Fastest growing services company

The fastest growing IT services firm in the list is KPN, a Dutch telecom company, that boosted its position in the worldwide IT services market by the acquisition of Getronics. KPN (277% growth) is followed by Blackberry-maker Research In Motion (52% growth) and Mahindra Satyam, the product of the Satyam acquisition by Tech Mahindra (46% growth).

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